Game was built using Gamemaker Studio 2. This was built during the Hack The Midlands gamejam that had a duration of 72 hours. With the theme of the gamejam being Unlimited Power

Game Description

Incarnate Cthulhu and attack the demonic entities who kidnapped Miss Cthulhu. Beat them with your divine psychic brain waves. As you absorb the MADNESS of your enemies, you’ll upgrade your divine capacities. There is nothing stopping you. You have UNLIMITED POWER.

Your goal is to become the ULTIMATE GOD OF THE OLD ONES… but at what price?

My role

My role on the project was ensuring that all the elements on the project worked together. I also took care of the pickups as well as the controls of the avatar and  the main game manager to ensure that the game itself ran in relation to all the other parts of the game.


Patrick Vasile: Programming/Merging

Philippe Legris-Sylvestre: Art/Level Design

Pier-Luc Poissant: Art/Level Design

Gabriel Raymond-Roy: Programming/Build


Some challenges we faced as a team, for one not knowing each other for that long, we needed to be able to connect quickly and adapt to eachothers work style in order to produce and ship a product within a time constraint. Another challenge we had that was being able to brainstorm and agree on a direction for the game.

Ultimately as a team, I believe that we can be proud of what we accomplished together with such little time.
To see more of the project you can take a look at it here.
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