about Me

Allow me to introduce myself, Patrick Vasile, a level designer based in Montreal, Canada.

Video games are a big part of my life. Not only do I enjoy playing them, but I enjoy creating them. Art and architecture also play a big role in my life and inspire me to put out great work. I like to create projects that have a lot of focus on architecture, the use of space and storytelling.

I enjoy working on projects that challenge my design skills and motivate me to keep working on my self-improvement. Although I have worked on many solo projects, I mostly enjoy working in a team. I am a team player as well as a team leader. I have worked as a leader on many team projects. As a leader, I focus on the team dynamic and ensure everyone is motivated to put out their best work. I provide quality feedback because I care about the quality of the project. I also accept feedback on my own work and keep an open mind to ensure that I am always improving as a level designer.

I am a fun, likeable coworker with a great attitude. I face any challenges presented to me with a positive mindset. I enjoy sharing and conversing with my team, but when it is time to focus on a project, I am able to concentrate on the task at hand.

Knowledge is everything

My Skills


Level Design

With the projects I have worked on, to achieve the best possible outcomes for my levels, the projects are tested and iterated to maximize on overall fun in each level.



Through my various projects I have taken on a great understanding for script writing in C# from simple tasks, to mounting AI systems


Video Games

With the game sense that I have aquired over the years, I have a good sense of what feels well in a game, and with the skills I have aquired I know how to implement them for player alike to enjoy.

Hard Skills

Soft Skills

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