Coastal Town


The design of the map was constructed with the idea of two opposing sides having a a skirmish in a small coastal town where clear signs of destruction have occured to some landmarks. The idea of this map was to fit within the context of an first person shooter game such as Call of Duty. The inspiration for the design of the map were European coastal towns such as the Amalfi Coast, Viana do Castelo and Dubrovnik to name a few . Other inspirations came from other European landmarks such as the ‘Spanish Steps’ in Rome,Italy, and street markets that can be found across cities in Europe.

My focus for this design was to build a coastal town with a large central space and a church towering over the town. In this build, my intentions were to create an assymetrical design that differentiates the two sides of the map, and have the two come together with a central area. This assymetrical design also tries to use the changes in verticality and spacing to emphasise the assymetrical design.

With this build, I wanted to really show off the architectural design and intentions in the blockout.

Top Down


I created a small toolkit featuring modules and metrics that were suitable for an FPS.

With these modules I was able to create the various sections of the map.

Defender Spawn

Attacker Spawn

The decision for placing the Defender spawn on the shoreline, and the attacker spawn in the market, was to have it so that the defending forces were pushed back to the edge of the town, where the attacking forces are entering the city and advancing to take over the space.

Design and Architecture

One of my main focuses in making this design, was to really push what I was capable of doing in a design and architectural aspect. With the destruction of large structures such as the church I wanted to not only show that I can represent this destruction in my blockout, but that I can also take the destruction and use it in a matter of adding something to the gameplay.

For example, with the tower of the church that has been destructed and crashed through the buildings to its side, a path had opened up revealing a pathway through the pile of rubble into the church.

It was also important to create interior spaces for the gameplay. With this build it was important in creating credible interior spaces that can emphasise the narrative to the map that also worked well with the gameplay of a FPS.

The design choice for creating the cafe in this manner, was too for one, allow a clear path from entry point to exit point. As well as to allow and create some verticality with the space adding in a second floor to allow for an elevated position in which the players can have a vantage point over the central points of the map.

Lines of Sight

With the build of the map, it was intended to create long lanes an open spaces that can allow for long range combat. With that it was also important to think about lines of site and allow for there to be cover and limitations to these lines of sight. By adding these various adjustments to the line of sight, it is capable to create a balanced gameplay and to reduce the likelihood of spawn traps and dominant strategies.

In these two examples we can see how the use of props or structures limit the line of sight. In the image on the left, the fountain cuts the line of sight to allow for players coming from either end of the map heading towards middle fountain to not be completely exposed from long range fire. In the image on the right we can see how the addition of an archway between the two buildings cuts the line of sight from the Church balcony towards the Defender Spawn.

Additional Photos

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