Forget Me Not


This a project that I hold dear to my heart. With family members suffering from Alzheimers and Dementia, I wanted to create a piece that could reflect those themes, as well as speaking on the idea of aging and death.

This was one of my favourite projects to work on, regardless of the connotations behind it. This project was really an outlet for me. I was really connected with this project and I am happy that I was able to invoke strong emotions in others around me that felt connected with it.

Below you can find a video of the playthrough of this story.






The point behind this project was telling an entire story using only elements of the space without any dialogue, including any written text.

In doing this project I learnt a lot about Unreal Engine 4. I learnt aspects of the Blueprint builder as well as using the brush tools to build convincing layouts.

Design Process

During the build I tested layouts to achieve the feeling of a credible living space. I even thought about rooms that would not be accesible in the gameplay to really create a house that would feel lived in.

It was also important to think about the exterior of the home, keeping the lines of sight to a minimum.


Some challenges I had during the design process was for one creating a space that would be credible in fucntion with the props we were allowed to use. My way of getting through this challenge was really iterating the design and doing walkthroughs in the space to get an idea of how the space would feel to a First Person Character.

Another challenge was learning the tool of Unreal Engine 4. In the process of creating of this space, I really dove deep into learning the different aspects of the tool to really achieve the feel and look I wanted to get.

Process Photos

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