This game was designed to be a survival horror that takes place during the 19th century in the Phillippines. The game follows a young huntress named Reyna and her father Alonn in a castle to face the mythical manananggal. My role on the project was to to program a character controller in C#.





Movement and 3Cs

I worked closely with the design team to create an avatar that fit closely to the feel and type of gameplay we were looking for. With that I also provided my own input and feedback on what felt best, and what worked best with the type of game we were trying to put together.


Working with the Technical Animator, I was able to put together a combat system that had reactive animations, ensuring that transitions between the different animations were smooth and responsive.


Followed closely the design, and discussed with level designers on the project in order to be able to create ingredients that could serve to the gameplay.

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