Left For Chores

Video Gameplay provided by: Tsukuru House

Game Description

Left for Chores was the winning game in the VGDC Fall 2021 Gamejam. Built over the course of 48 hours in Unity.

Zombies are about to get that brain juice of yours! You are stuck inside and you need to survive, you got 5 minutes, everything you need is already here!

You need to complete multiple tasks before the time limit to complete the game.

Tasks are mainly forcused around physics-based puzzles.

My role

 I took care coding and implementing all the ingredients of the game. As the parts of the project started to fall into place, I took the time to implement sound, as well as VFX into the game to give the game an added feel of completion. Also being the most experienced coder on the team, I took took on the responsibility to ensure that all the elements on the project worked together and that they could all be implemented before the gamejam was over and making cuts to the project where we saw an unlikely hood of what could have been implemented in time. 


Patrick Vasile: Programming/Modeling

Philippe Sylvestre: Programming/Modeling

Mathias Sorin: Modeling/Game Design

Vincent Davila: Game Design/ Level Design


Some reflection that I have on the project and wished that we would have been able to accomplish was creating more levels, and more mechanics/puzzles that the players could have tried to solve in their time in the game. One thing we agreed on as a team at the end of our production was that we would have liked to have included a visual feedback for the time that is being counted down. I think the result of the game we worked on came out better than we had originally imagined in our minds. I’m super proud of the team, and i’m very proud of the project we were able to put together.

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