Shadow's Light


Play as Knights and Magicians, or as Demons and Orcs in this Dark Fantasy story-driven RPG.
Change the story by making hard choices, and live with the consequences! Loot, Craft, Enchant, Evolve, and get ready for more, until you win.

Every story has two sides. Now you can experience both!


The long stalemate of war is about to be broken. On one side, a kingdom blessed by benevolent gods. On the other, a land crawling with monsters. The truth will soon be revealed…

In a barren & unforgiving eastern land, an orc chieftain stumbles upon a mysterious parched and withering woman, whose premonition could be the key to saving his clan and bringing down the Holy Kingdom.

But all is not yet lost for Aubeïkay. The king musters a cohort of elite paladins for a secret and perilous mission that could end the threat once and for all.

Light or dark, good or evil; everyone has their reasons. A villain is just a hero on the opposite side of a wall. Who will you fight for when the wall comes crumbling down? And more importantly, what will you fight for


Integration of working systems for the game

Adapting already built systems to allow for more flexibility for Level Designers

– Working closely with Programmers and Level Designers, Game Designers to create tools and ingredients for the game

Documenting systems for easier use and implementation

Providing Feedback for the level design process

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